Primary school
The new school is set in a extensive low density residential area with no urban hierarchy.Our proposal structures the area with a strong institutional that wants to act as a magnet for urban pulse. The school is a compact block that potentiates sinergy and interactions with the users and the context as well as enhances the interaction between courses and facilitate movement, while it will create a strong institutional image. The idea of compacting allows us to release the maximum plot surface for the sports and recreation areas outdoors. This action of compressing the program needs of perforations for the ventilation and ilumination of classrooms, offices and circulation spaces. These perforations, as a result of the emptying of a solid will give the building a great volumetric complexity, where solid and void are of equal importance. The courtyards resulting from the drilling of the volume, they acquire a particular spatial condition becoming exterior rooms which may be used as outdoor classrooms.
The exterior lattice around the building as a veil, will filter sunlight into the building and giving a glimpse of the outside. It protects windows of solar direct solar radiation while letting through indirect light. The lattice generating an active space between the inner enclosure and the veil through which evacuation routes are made on the first floor.
The school is proposed as an structural system that, allows the possibility of changing throughout time without altering the structure. At the time of the project, there is already planned an extension to the building that will fit perfectlly inside the volume of the current plan.

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