Photos: © Jose Hevia
Temporary school interior
Palma, Mallorca, Spain
The need for a temporary solution, before moving to a larger and new school, came to be solved in the refurbishment of the ground floor of a seventies housing block. The project is conditioned by two extreme factors, first, the intervention was to be built in a record period of two months and secondly the project had to adjust to a really strict budget.
This impelled by the insularity factor, which further expands the delivery time of materials, only allowing materials in stock on the island. Since the work was to be executed during summer months, the palette of materials available was drastically reduced from the choice of the door handles to the light fittings. About 90% of the material used in the projectec was in stock on the island.
Without considering the adequacy of resources and the need for rapid implementation, basic elements are worked as ornamnets as the only decoration in the interior. Lighting is one of those elements and its installation follow pragmatic considerations where the winding tube routes avoid obstacles found in the existing space. Thus, downpipes and rainwater pipes pass through the corridors and classrooms and shape the “luminous constellation”.
The openings in the corridor area are linned by a wooden and metal lattice structure, protecting areas ciruculación of students and filtering the light to the interior.

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